Studies on the Nonvolatile Organic Acids in the Extracts of Dried Squid

건오징어 추출물의 유기산 조성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1990.08.01


The extracts of dried squid(Sepiella maindron) were prepared with water and 70% ethanol at boiling point and the major nonvolatile organic acids in the extracts were investigated. Eight kinds of nonvolatile organic acid were identified as lactic oxalic succinic malic citric pyroglutamic malonic and ${\beta}-ketoglutaric$ acid. Total amount of nonvolatile organic acid in the extracts prepared with water changed from 205.2mg% to 310.1mg% with extraction time while the extracts prepared with 70% ethanol were 272.4 mg% ~ 347.6 mg% The major compo-nents were in the range of 61.7% ~ 70.9% lactic acid 16.4 ~ 22.6% pyroglutamic acid 5.0 ~ 9.9% succinic acid 4.0 ~ 8.2% citric acid and total amount of nonvolatile organic acids in the extracts increased until 2 hour of extraction regardless of extraction solvent and then decreased slowly.