Effect of Nutrition Educatioh of School Lunch Programs -On Dietary Pattern of Elementary School Children in Pusan Area-

학교급식 프로그램의 영양교육적 효과 -급식교 및 비급식교 어린이의 식생활에서 본-

  • 김상애 (부산여자대학교 교양학과)
  • Published : 1990.08.01


This paper proposes to research on the actual conditions of dietary life of some children with similar living standard. They were in the 4th and 5th grades of two elementary schools located at Tongrae-ku Pusan City and the survey period was from March to April in 1989. One part was 0 elementary school childern with school lunch and the other part was ones in K elementary school without school lunch. This survey shows the effect of nutrition education of school lunch on the intake of food and nutrient the pattern of food consumption and untrient intake and the knowledge level of nutrition and results in calling attention to the importance of school lunch and the necessity f its expanded paractice and bringing up some problems to be solved in order to excute more improved program of school lunch. As the results of analysis first the school lunch group demonstrated desirable pattern of food consumption and nutrient intake school lunch aims at by the effect of nutritional education of the scheduled school lunch program and turned out to be superior in food and nutrient intake. physical index and level of nutrient knowledte to the non school lunch group. Secondly since both groups show the lack of calcium intake it is necessary to establish a meal plan to increase calcium source and in order to improve the quality of school lunch it is desirable to plan a program considering proper amount of meal service by age and sex selection of menu based on preference research various cooking methods and and food mixing fit for standard food consitiution of school lunch.