Treatment of Nitrogen Oxides in Ambient Air using a Ion-Selective Electrode

대기중 질산화물의 이온 선택성 전극에 의한 처리

  • Published : 1990.10.01


For the determination of polluant NOx in ambient air, nitrate ion-selective electrode(ISE) was made. To comparison of NOx in each method, the nitrate-ISE, NEBA, Orion electrode were used to determinee NOx in ambient air. In this work, the concentration of NOx in ambient air was average 0.06ppm. The results were good agreement with those obtained by each method within a relative error of 3%, Absorbing efficiency of nitrogen oxides in ambient air was good for Alkali solution. The determination of nitrogen oxides in ambient air using the Aliquat 336N-PVC membrane electrode was one of the useful method. The best characteristics of the Aliquat 336N-PVC me,mbrane electrode were obtained with the ion-exchanger concentration level of 6.5-9.1 percent by weight. The optimal membrane composition, was 9.09wt.% of ion-exchanger, 30.95wt.% of PVC, 60.6wt.% of plasticizer (DBP), and 0.5mm of thickness. Under the above condition, the electrode approached the Nernstian slope most closely, and the linear response ranges produced the best results.