Effects on n-Alcohols on the Amino-Proton Chemical Shifts and on the Hindered Rotation about the N-C(O) Bond of Acetamide

아세트아미드의 아미노 양성자의 화학적 이동과 N-C(O) 결합주위의 부자유회전에 미치는 n-알코올 용매 효과

  • Published : 19901100


1H-nmr chemical shifts and lineshapes of amino-protons of acetamide (AA) in n-alcohols were determined. The chemical shifts are discussed by the Reichardt's solvent polarity parameter, E$_{T}$(30). The following relationship between $\delta$obs and E$_{T}$(30) was obtained. ${\delta}_{obs}$ = ${\delta}_{o}$ + aE$_{T}$ (30) + b[E$_{T}$(30)]$^2$ where ${\delta}_{o}$ is the chemical shift of the solute in gaseous state or at $E_{T}$(30) = 0, a is a characteristic constant for the protons of AA in n-alcohol solutions and b is a constant for the solute (AA)-solvent (n-alcohols) interaction. The barrier of the hindered rotation about the N-C(O) bond in AA was obtained by analysis of the lineshapes of the amino-protons in AA. The behavior of the internal rotation as well as chemical shifts of the amino-protons in AA has been found to be closely related to the $E_{T}$(30) of n-alcohols.



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