The Structures of Alditol Acetates

Alditol Acetates의 분자구조

  • Published : 19901100


The crystal structures of two alditol acetates, D-glucitol hexaacetate and xylitol pentaacetate, have been determined by diffraction methods with Mo-K$\alpha$radiation, using direct methods for phase determinations. The crystal data are: for D-glucitol hexaacetate, P2$_1$, with a = 10.275 (2), b = 8.363 (1), c = 12.560 (5) $\AA;\beta$ = 95.97 $(2)^{\circ}$, Z = 2; for xylitol pentaacetate, P2$_1$/C with a = 18.126 (1), b = 11.422 (2), c = 8.649 (1) $\AA$, $\beta = 95.03 (1)^{\circ}$, Z = 4. Both molecules have extended zigzag carbon chain conformations which differ from previous studies of the structures of D-glucitol and xylitol and also differ from NMR studies on alditol acetates. The bond lengths and angles are normal, with mean values over both structures of C($sp^3)-C(sp^3): 1.514 (10),\; C(sp^3)-O: 1.444 (6),\; C(sp^2)-O: 1.347 (9),\; C(sp^2)=O: 1.197 (6),\; C(sp^2)-C(sp^3): 1.479(9){\AA},\; C(sp^3)-C(sp^3)-C(sp^3): 114.6 (17),\; O-C(sp^3)-C(sp^3): 109.4 (23),\; C(sp^2)-O-C(sp^3): 117.4 (6),\; O=C(sp^2)-O: 122.6 (6),\; C(sp^3)-C(sp^2)-O: 111.8 (7),\; C(sp^3)-C(sp^2)=O: 125.5 (4)^{\circ}$. The atoms of acetate groups are in coplanar. There are no particularly short intermolecular contacts and the molecules are held together by van der Waals force only.



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