Study on the Separation and Determination of Pure Rare Earth Oxides by Anion Exchange Resin

음이온 교환수지에 의한 고순도 희토류산화물의 분리 및 정량에 관한 연구

  • Published : 19901100


The purity of CeO$_2$, Sm$_2$O$^{3+}$ and La2O$^{3+}$ have been determinated by separating the impurity of rare earth-elements in those oxides with anion exchange resin and measuring the absorbance of the separated element with MTB. 1 ml of the mixture solution containing each 1 mg/ml of Y$^{3+}$, Yb$^{3+}$, Eu$^{3+}$, Sm$^{3+}$, Nd$^{3+}$, Pr$^{3+}$, Ce$^{4+}$and La$^{3+}$ is loaded in top layer of anion exchange resin column, Amberlite CG400 and separated with the mixture solution of the various concentration of methyl alcohol and nitric acid as an eluent. Using the result, the impure rare earth elements in pure CeO$_2$, Sm$_2$O$^{3+}$ and La$_2$O$^{3+}$ are determinated.



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