Studies on the digestive gland structures of domestic and experimental animals I. Glandular tubule structures in the cecum and colon of piglets

가축 및 실험동물 소화선의 구조에 관한 연구 I. 돼지 맹장 및 결장 장선의 구조에 관하여

  • 곽수동 (경상대학교 수의과대학) ;
  • 이순선 (경상남도가축위생시험소) ;
  • 문운경 (경상남도가축위생시험소)
  • Received : 1989.08.04
  • Published : 1990.01.31


The present study was focussed mainly on the morphological changes of the glandular tubules in the large intestine according to age of piglets. Samples were taken from large intesine of 1-, 10-, 20-, 35- and 45-day-old piglets, 2 to 3 piglets in each age group. The intestinal samples were fixed in 10% neutral formalin solution, dehydrated, and then paraffin sections were stained with H-E. The results observed were summarized as follows: 1. The mucosal glands in the cecum and colon tend to be unbranched simple straight tubular glands, or often two or more branched simple stright tubular glands. 2. The number of the longitudinal folds and the number of the crypts per cross section of piglet colons, respectively, were 1-day-old piglets-$3.8{\pm}0.8$, $92.1{\pm}6.9$; 10-day-old piglets-$7.1{\pm}1.1$, $164.2{\pm}10.3$; 20-day-old piglets-$15.2{\pm}0.8$, $178.5{\pm}6.8$; 35-day-old piglets-$19.3{\pm}3.0$, $454.9{\pm}25.3$; 45-day-old piglets-$20.6{\pm}3.1$, $524.6{\pm}37.2$, and the regression equation between age and these two number were $\hat{Y}=0.40X+4.32$ and $\hat{Y}=10.4X+51.52$, respectively. 3. The length and cell number per single side wall of a glandular tubule in the colon section were 1-day-old piglets-$196.3{\pm}7.1{\mu}m$, $40.0{\pm}3.3$; 10-day-old piglets-$236.0{\pm}34.5{\mu}m$, $47.9{\pm}5.3$; 20-day-old piglets-$262.8{\pm}39.6{\mu}m$, $54.3{\pm}9.0$; 35-day-old piglets-$291.75{\pm}48.3{\mu}m$, $56.9{\pm}4.9$; 45-day-old piglets-$364.8{\pm}61.5{\mu}m$, $67.7{\pm}7.4$, respectively, and the regression equation between age and these two data were $\hat{Y}=3.45X+193.8$ and $\hat{Y}=0.56X+41.0$, respectively. 4. The overall percentages of the cell number and length of glandular tubules in piglet colons were the pit and isthmus-$75.3{\pm}11.1%$, $78.8{\pm}12.3%$; gland-$24.7{\pm}5.4%$, $21.2{\pm}5.3%$, respectively. 5. The length and cell number of single side wall of glandular tubules in cecal sections were 1-day-old piglets-$190.3{\pm}31.1{\mu}m$, $37.6{\pm}4.8$; 10-day-old piglets-$235.6{\pm}25.3{\mu}m$, $46.2{\pm}3.6$; 20-day-old piglets-$295.3{\pm}45.6{\mu}m$, $52.0{\pm}6.2$; 35-day-old piglets-$351.3{\pm}28.3{\mu}m$, $60.4{\pm}8.5$; 45-day-old piglets-$366.3{\pm}48.5{\mu}m$, $64.7{\pm}8.2$, respectively, and the regression equation between age and these two data were $\hat{Y}=4.11X+196.6$ and $\hat{Y}=0.60X+38.9$, respectively.