Standardization of Cautious blasting

정밀발파의 표준화(下)

  • 허진 ((사)한국기술사회)
  • Published : 1990.12.01


First of all, Under given condition such as bit gage of 36mm Drill bit with right class of jack-logs experimental test carried out from two face of Bench, firing of each hole brought 90 degree Angle face and them measured length of Burden and charged ammount of powder as following. (equation omitted) A=Activated Area A=ndi=m S=Peripheral length of Charged. room Ca=Rock Coeffiecency d : di=Hole diameter When constructed subway of Seoul in 1980 the blasting works increased complaint of ground vibration. in order to prevent the damage to structures. Some empirical equations were made as follows on condition with Jackleg Drill (Bit Gage ø 36mm) and within 30 meter distance between blasting site and structures. V=K(D / W)$\^$-n/ N=1.60-1.78 K=48-138 Project one of contineous works to above a determination of empirical equation on the cautious blasting vibration with Crawler Drill(ø 70-75mm) in long distance. V=41(equation omitted) V=124(equation omitted).