Effects of Color on Taste of Foods -II. Effect of Color on 4 Basic Tastes Perception (Sweetness, Saltiness, Sourness and Bitterness)-

식미에 미치는 색의 영향 -제 2보. 4원미 인지에 미치는 색의 작용-

  • Published : 1991.03.30


The effect of color, as measured on the spectrometer, on the 4 basic tastes(sweet, salty, sour & bitter) perception of a series of colored and no-flavored solutions was quantified by 16 taste panel using magnitude estimation without modulus. The regression lines for each colored series were found to differ indicating that color had a significant effect on sweetness, sourness and bitterness. A sucrose level of 4.0%, a citric acid level of 0.05%, and a nicotinamide level of 0.08% maximized the effect of color on taste's perception and its acceptability. Although color tended to confuse the perception of saltiness, this effect was not significant except for yellow solutions.