Influence of Water and Surfactants on Wheat Starch Gelatinization and Retrogradation

수분과 계면활성제가 밀전분의 호화와 노화에 미치는 영향

  • Shin, Mal-Shick (Department of Food and Nutrition, Chonnam National University)
  • Published : 1991.02.01


The effects of water contents and surfactants, sodium stearoyl-lactylate, sucrose ester and distilled monoglyceride(Dimodan) on wheat starch gelatinization and retrogradation were studied by differential scanning calorimetry. The endothermic peak patterns of starch varied with water content of starch. When water content was less than 30%, gelatinization did not occur. The onset temperature of gelatinization peak of native starch was $59{\sim}60^{\circ}C$ and that of endothermal peak of retrograded starch was $50{\sim}55^{\circ}C$. The enthalpy value of retrograded starch were greatest in the $40{\sim}50%$ water content. In the presence of surfactants, gelatinization temperatures shifted slightly to higher temperatures. DSC endothermal enthalpies of the amylose-lipid complex increased. The degree of retrogradation in starch was lower with surfactant than without surfactant, but enthalpy of amylose-lipid complex did not change during storage.