The Influence of Pre- and Post-harvest Factors on the Shelf-life and Quality of Leaf Lettuce

수확 전후 요인이 잎상추의 저장수명 및 품질에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1991.04.01


Weight-loss, general-appearante, yellowing, and compositions such as chlorophyll, carotenoid, vitamin C and nitrate, were studied to investigate the influence of pre-(cultivar and growing season) and post-(low-temperature and high-density polyethylene film packaging) harvest factors on the shelf-life and quality of leaf lettuce(Lactuca sativa L). Weight-loss was reduced by the treatment of high-density polyethylene film packaging, and more at $0{\sim}1^{\circ}C$ than $4{\sim}5^{\circ}C$. Leaf-lettuce grown in Winter lost less fresh weight than that grown in Autumn. In experiment on difference between cultivars, the reduction of weight-loss in 'Cheongchima' lettuce was somewhat significant than that in 'Jeokchukmyeon' lettuce. The tendency of changes in general appearance was similar to that of weight-loss. The yellowing of leaf lettuce during the storage was caused by chlorophyll degradation. Vitamin C content before the storage was 128.0 mg/100 g FW. in lettuce grown in Winter, 123.8 mg/100g FW. in that grown in Autumn, and more 'Cheongchima' lettuce than 'Jeokchukmyeon' lettuce. In all treatment, vitamin C content decreased rapidly, and this tendency was more obvious at $4{\sim}5^{\circ}C$ than $0{\sim}1^{\circ}C$. The nitrate content of 'Jeokchukmyeon' was 3812.6 ppm and that of 'Cheongchima' was 2855.6 ppm before the storage. Nitrate content decreased more at $4{\sim}5^{\circ}C$ than $0{\sim}1^{\circ}C$ during the storage.