Physicochemical Properties of Hydroxypropylated Corn Starches

하이드록시프로필화 옥수수 전분의 이화학적 특성

  • Published : 1991.04.01


Hydroxypropylated starches were prepared by reaction of corn starch with propylene oxide and their physicochemical properties were compared with those of the native starch. Swelling power, solubility and water binding capacity increased with the increase of hydroxypropylation. The hydroxypropylation of corn starch significantly reduced the extent of digestion and iodine absorption. Starch molecules larger than $1.34{\times}10^7{\sim}$ decreased whereas molecules ranging from $1.34{\times}10^7{\sim}1.18{\times}10^5$ increased by hydroxypropylation. Granule size increased by hydroxypropylation but this did not significantly affect the granule surface appearance by SEM. The hydroxypropylation improved the solubility and water binding capacity of corn starch.