Product Characteristics as Factors of Process Parameters in Starch Phosphates Preparation by Twin-screw Extruder

이축압출성형기로 인산전분 제조시 Process Parameters에 따른 제품의 특성

  • Published : 1991.04.01


Starch phosphates were prepared from the corn starch mixed with 2% sodium tripolyphosphate by twin-screw extruder with a feed rate of 20 kg/hr and an extrusion temperature of $130^{\circ}C$, and the effects of extrusion variables on the physicochemical properties (target parameters) of starch phosphates were investigated. Interrelations of system parameters (specific mechanical energy and extrudate moisture) and rheological properities of starch was analyzed by using the response surface analysis. Degree of substitution (DS) was increased with increasing the feed moisture, and showed the maximum value at the screw of near 250 rpm, Degree of gelatinization was proportionally increased with increasing the screw speed and decreasing the feed moisture. Apparent viscosity of the paste was increased with increasing the feed moisture, but it was not significantly affected by the screw speed. It was found by scanning electron microscopy that the starch microgranules were much more degradaded, and as consequent result, the intrinsic viscosity was decreased, whereas, water solubility index was increased. The rate of retrogradation of the gels was retarded with increasing DS and decreasing viscosity.