Changes in Physical Properties of Salted Egg Yolks as Affected by Salt Content During Frozen Storage and Their Effects

가염량이 다른 난황의 냉동저장 중 물성 및 마요네즈 제조적성 변화

  • Published : 1991.08.01


The changes in Physical properties of egg yolk(refractive index 43) as affected by salt content(7%, 10%, 13%) during frozen storage and their effects on functionalities in mayonnaise preparation were investigated. As the frozen storage period of salted egg yolk increased, viscosity was increased, and further increased with higher salt content, and emulsification capacity was gradually decreased. In case of egg folk with 7% salt, emulsification capacity was considerably decreased during the storage at $-25^{\circ}C$ over 4 months. Microbes of salted egg yolk were decreased with frozen storage, but the difference was not due to salt content. Mayonnaise. Prepared with frozen egg yolks stored for $2{\sim}3$ months, maintained a minimum viscosity. Viscosity became higher in the mayonnaise which prepared with egg yolk of higher salt content stored at $-25^{\circ}C$. Oil particle size of mayonnaise with the yolk contained more salt was smaller, when the yolk was stored at $-25^{\circ}C$ than $-15^{\circ}C$. Noticible microbes were detected in the mayonnaise right after preparation, but not detected in the mayonnaise after 1 month storage.


mayonnaise preparation;salted egg yolk;frozen storage