Changes in Composition of Fish Meat by Thermal Processing at High Temperatures

고온가열처리에 의한 어육성분의 변화

  • Published : 1991.08.01


The mackerel meat was packed in square No 3B can, and thermally processed at $121.1^{\circ}C$ to reach Fo values of 5, 10 and 15. On heating at $121.1^{\circ}C$, pH and volatile basic nitrogen content increased markedly, and histamine was detected at concentrations of 3.98 mg/100g in raw meat, 10.45 mg/100g in Fo 5 sample, 7.54 mg/100g in Fo 15 sample, respectively. Total free amino acid content of mackerel meat decreased with increasing Fo values. Little changes were observed in free amino acid composition, but histidine decreased significantly during heat treatment. Degradation of inosine monophosphate was proceeded during preparation and thermal processing of samples, and trimethylamine oxide changed to trimethylamine almost equivalently. In changes of lipid components, peroxide and carbonyl values were increased markedly during heat treatment. When the sample was heated at the Fo values of 5 or higher, content of non-polar lipid(NL) was increased while that of polar lipid(PL) was decreased, and percentages of polyenes such as 22 : 6 decreased with increasing Fo values. The decomposition of polyunsaturated fatty acids in PL were much greater than those in total lipid and NL.


mackerel;food components;thermal processing