Studies on the Change in Rheological Properties of Chungkook-jang

청국장의 물성 변환에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1991.08.01


As a work on the preparation of spread type product using chungkook-jang, proximate composition and enzyme activity of chungkook-jang were analyzed and extrusion capillary viscometer was made. The effects of moisture content, oil type and content and temperature on the rheological properties of chungkook-jang spread were investigated. As the moisture content of chungkook-jang spread increased from 55% to 65%, apparent viscosity $({\eta}a)$ decreased and spreadibility and L value in Hunter color system increased. On the contrary, as the added oil content of chungkook-jang spread increased from 10% to 30%, rla increased and spreadibility and L value decreased. Specially, in case of palm olefin addition, the rla of chungkook-jang spread was more high than that of soybean oil addition. As the temperature of chungkook-jang spread increased, rla decreased and spreadibility increased. In the same conditions, the ${\eta}a$ of chungkook-jang spread increased in order of B. natto, B. natto and B. subtilis mixture and B. subtilis fermentation.