System Identification on Flexure of SFRC

SFRC 휨거동에의 system identification

  • Published : 1991.09.01


Flexural load-deflection relationships for steel fiber reinforced concrete(SFRC) are dependent on the tensile and compressive constitutive behaviors of the material, which may be refined in the presence of strain gradients under flexural loads. Considering the relatively large amount of flexural test results available for steel fiber reinforced concrete, and the relative ease of conducting such tests in comparison with direct tension tests, it seems to be important to obtain basic information on the tensile constitutive behavior of SFRC from the result of flexural tests. For this purpose "System Identification" technique was used for interpretating the flexural test data and it was successful in obtaining optimum sets of main parameters which explain the tensile constitutive behavior of SFRC under flexure.