Seedling Establishment and Yield of Direct Subsurface Seeded Rice as Influenced by $CaO_2$ Coating and Seeding Rates

과산화석회 분의와 파종량이 침수 토중직파재배 벼의 입모와 수량에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1991.08.01


To establish the direct seeding cultivation method in rice (Oryza sativa L.). direct subsurface seeding with different oxygen suppliers and seeding rates was conducted from May to Oct. 1989. at the experimental field of Suncheon National University. In direct subsurface seeding. calcium peroxide enhanced the ratio of seedling establishment. However. as number of plants per unit area increased. the occurrence of field lodging became progressively severe. so that the enhanced seedling establishment did not increase the yield. The optimal seeding rate and the number of sowing seeds per equally spaced spot were estimated to be 3.3Kg seeds/l0a and 3 seeds per spot with CaO$_2$-coated seeds. and 5.6Kg/10a and 5 seeds per spot with uncoated seeds. respectively, According to the results from the path coefficient analysis. percent of filled spikelets was identified to be the most influential variables on the variability in brown rice yield. so that improving percent of filled spikelets by inhibition of field lodging was the most important matter to increase the yield.