Studies on Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Analysis of Chromium in Urine by Trioctylamine

Trioctylamine을 이용한 뇨중 크롬의 원자흡수 분광분석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1991.11.30


As chromium in urine remains as oxychromic acid ions, chromium was extracted by using ion pair formed by anion exchanger trioctylamine. then after it is noted whether this TOA-MIBK method is effective or not for the chromium analysis by using flame method of Atomic absorption Spectrophotometric Analysis. The result is as following. 1. Effects of various acids on the extraction of Cr with MIBK including TOA are good in order $NHO_3$, $H_2SO_4$, HCl in distilled water sample and its proper concentration of HCl is 0.2 N. 2. For the analysis of urine sample, the best result can be achieved by following condition. After finished pretreatment adjusted to pH 6.5-7.5 by NaOH and again controlled pH 0.5-0.6 by HCl. 3. Though TOA concentration slightly affects the analytic value, best result is noted in 1-3% concentration. 4. Recovery rates of urine samples made by $0.3mg/l{\cdot}urine$, $0.6mg/l{\cdot}urine$, $0.9mg/l{\cdot}urine$ are shown from 96.7% to 104.8%. 5. Recovery rates of urine samples made by $0.01mg/l{\cdot}urine$, $10.03mg/{\cdot}urine$, $0.05mg/l{\cdot}urine$ are shown from 89.3% to 98.6%.