Isolation of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus from rainbow trout in Korea

국내(國內) 무지개 송어(松魚)에서의 IPN 바이러스의 분리(分離)

  • 류영수 (가축위생연구소 농진청) ;
  • 장정호 (가축위생연구소 농진청) ;
  • 진영화 (가축위생연구소 농진청) ;
  • 이종오 (가축위생연구소 농진청) ;
  • 이재진 (가축위생연구소 농진청)
  • Received : 1990.09.01
  • Published : 1991.04.30


Infectious pancreatic necrosis(IPN) virus was known as a causative agent of newly recognized viral disease of young rainbow trout characterized by highly contagious, high mortality and necrosis of pancreas. Several strains of IPN viruses were recovered from young rainbow trout that have been shown a typical cinical sign of infectious pancreatic necrosis disease. The field isolate produced cytopathic effect, and multiplied up to $10^{6.0}$ to $10^{6.5}$ $TCID_{50}/0.1ml$ in BT cell culture. In the indirect immunofluorescent assay with trout anti-IPN virus IgG and goat anti-trout IgG FITC conjugate, these isolates were proved to be a IPN virus that were closely related with VR277 strain of IPN virus antigenically.