Morphological studies on the hemal node in the sika deer

사슴 혈절에 관한 형태학적 연구

  • Yoon, Yeo-sung (Department of Veterinary Medicine, Kangweon National University) ;
  • Han, Jeong-hee (Department of Veterinary Medicine, Kangweon National University)
  • Received : 1991.09.04
  • Published : 1991.10.31


Deer hemal nodes were studied by gross anatomy and light microscopy. Hemal nodes were scattered in the periphery of thoracic and abdominal aortae, and spherical or avoid in shape. A hemal node consisted of a thin capsule and a hilum, and had numerous small subcapsular and deep sinuses distended by a great number of erythrocytes. Although a few lymphatic nodules and tissues were seen in the parenchyma, no typical cortex and medulla was defined. Blood vessels occurred, but lymph vessel was not observed in nodes. The parenchyma of the hemal node consisted of many erythrocytes and lymphocytes, and a few granulocytes, plasma cells megakaryocytes and macrophages. The stroma was composed of reticular cells and fibers. The capsule and trabecula was a collagenous connective tissue with smooth myofibers. The above findings suggest that the hemal nodes are involved in blood storage, blood filtration and immune reaction.