Production of the standard antisera for blood typing of horses

마필(馬匹) 혈액형(血液型) 분류(分類)를 위(爲)한 표준항혈청생산(標準抗血淸生産)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Received : 1991.06.22
  • Published : 1991.10.31


The present experiments were undertaken to produce the standard antiserum for equine blood typing. The following results were obtained through ISO and Hetero Immunizations of the horses whose blood typing was analysed in the Laboratory of Racing Chemistry of Japan. 1. Of the 21 combinations of ISO-immune, 17 horses were produced antibody (about 80%) 2. Antibody titers were increased from early 1 week to late 5 weeks and any antibody titers were not be obtained in spite of the using of adjuvant and 10 repeated injections in the other 4 horses. 3. High antibody titers were obtained within the earliest period in the Dd antigen but were not increased over 32 times in spite of 8~10 repeated injections in the antigen. 4. Antibody were easily produced in the Ca antigen of ISO-Immune but production of antisera were tailed due to abscence of absorbed blood cell. 5. Antibody titers of 1,024 times were obtained through 5 injections in the Ca of HeteroImmune 6. Of the produced 15 antisera (16 system), 13 antigen (5 system) were absorbed.