Isolation and cultivation of swine encephalomyocarditis virus

돼지 뇌심근염 바이러스의 분리 배양

  • Received : 1991.09.05
  • Published : 1991.10.31


Encephalomyocarditis(EMC) virus was isolated from the mummified and stillborn pigs at a swine farm in Chonnam Province, experienced with EMC infection over the period Oct.~Dec. of 1989. In addition some cultural, serological properties of the isolates and experimental infections in the piglets were studied. The results obtained were as follows; 1. Two EMC virus strains with HA titers and CPE similar to EMC-ATCC were established in a baby hamster kidney (BHK)-21 cell line by inoculating homogenates of brain and heart of the 19 mummified or stillborn pigs and designated $K_3$ and $K_{11}$. 2. At the second BHK-21 cell line passage of the initial isolates CPE appeared after incubation for 16~18 hours, while at the fourth and fifth passage the highest titer of HA was recorded, titer of HA using rat and guinea pig erythrocytes. 3. One pig inoculated with the isolate $K_3$ showed dyspnea as clinical signs and died at the 10 days after inoculation at necropsy white necrotic foci were observed from the dead animal heart. 4. Although all the rest surviving pigs showed increases in antibody titer and body temperature of $40^{\circ}C$ above for the initial 2~4 days followed by the return to normal, there were no gross lesions when the animals were sacrificed at the 2 weeks after inoculation.