A Study on the Trouble of qualify Control Circle Activity in Construction Field

건설분야 품질관리 분업조 활동의 문제점에 관한 사례연구

  • 이복영 (생산관리기술사(품질관리), 오산전문대학교) ;
  • 김세희 ((주) 대우 / 걸선ㆍ4ER추진부)
  • Published : 1991.10.01


In case a firm proceeds with TQC the activity of QCC, one of the activities concerned with TQC, is made first of all. There fore, in consideration that TQC could not be successful with the activity of QCC being unsuccessful a firm underlines activating QCC and makes considerable support of the educational discipline. However, as for the data of TQC having been introduced in domestic country no data related to construction industry have been found, all of them being concerned with manufacturing industry and it has happened that some firms of the construction industry make the negative reaction to the activity of QCC. So some of firms including our one have prepared and published their own texts and made them available by utilizing the translated Japanese data which were attained through Japanese construction firms. It is thought that a problem has been caused by the above-stated. While Japanese firms have made R & D of the features concerning to the most basic QCC activity for themselves, Korean ones have just followed and taken advantage of those originated by Japanese without being conscious of the basic idea, and this has caused the consequent failing of QCC activity. In other word, the emphasis of the results only rather than process has brought about the unsuccessful QCC activity.