Gelatinization Behaviours and Gel Properties of Hydroxypropylated and Cross-linked Corn Starches

하이드록시프로필화 및 가교화 시킨 옥수수 전분의 호화 및 겔 특성

  • Published : 1992.01.01


Gelatinization behaviour and gel properties of corn starch modified either by hydroxypropylation only or by cross-linking and hydroxypropylation were investigated. Gelatinization temperature of corn starch decreased greatly by hydroxypropylation, but increased slightly by cross-linking with epichlorohydrin. The treatment of both hydroxypropylation and cross-linking lowered the gelatinization temperature, although it was not significantly different from that of hydroxypropylated corn starch. The swelling power of the corn starch was reduced and gel strength was increased by both modifications. The results suggested that the gelatinization behaviour and gel properties of corn starch could be improved by both cross-linking and hydroxypropylation.