Changes in Moisture Content and Quality of Chewing Gum during Storage

저장중 츄잉껌의 수분함량과 품질변화

  • Published : 1992.04.01


The changes in sensory and mechanical texture of chewing gum during storage at various relative humidity were studied to define the quality index for the prediction of shelf-life. The initial moisture content of chewing gum was 2.57% (dry basis). The BET monolayer value at $a_{w}$ 0.19 was calculated to be 1.57% (dry basis). The sensory scores of chewing gum were closely correlated with moisture content and instrumental texture parameters with 0.1% significant level. Therefore the quality of stored chewing gum was directly related with moisture content above BET monolayer. The products became organoleptically acceptable in the range of moisture content $2.17{\sim}3.16%(dry basis)$. This range of moisture content ie equivalent to the ranges of instrumental parameter, fracture force$0.8{\sim}1.8{\times}10^{7}$, fracture modulus $1.1{\sim}2.4{\times}10^{8}$, puncture force $0.5{\sim}1.1{\times}10^{7}[dyne/cm^{2}]$ and brittleness $0.7{\sim}1.4{\times}10^{8}[dyne/cm^{3}]$, respectively.