Effect of Some Factors on Oleoresin Extraction from Red Pepper

고추 Oleoresin의 추출에 영향을 미치는 몇가지 인자

  • Published : 1992.04.01


To investigate some factors on oleoresin extraction from red pepper, the content of yield, capsanthin and capsaicin in oleoresin extracted under various factors such as solvent, variety of materials, extraction time and temperature, storage condition of dried red pepper and its parts, particle size of raw material powder and the ratios of red pepper powder to extraction solvent were investigated. Ethyl alcohol and ethylene dichloride were effective in extracting capsanthin and capsaicin from red pepper, respectively. Mixed-solvent bore fruitful in increasing of oleoresin yield, but was fruitless in extracting capsanthin and capsaicin in comparison with single-solvent. In three varieties such as Juktoma, Jinsol and Dabok, Jinsol was excellent in oleoresin extraction. Optimum extracting temperature and time was $20^{\circ}C$ and three to five hours, respectively. Oleoresin quality from long-term storage and/or coarse red pepper were low in point of yield, capsanthin and capsaicin. Capsanthin and capsaicin were distributed into pericarp and seed in abundance, respectively. Optimum mixing ratio of red pepper powder to extracting solvent was suitable for one to three(1 : 3) or one to four(1 : 4) in oleoresin extraction.


red pepper oleoresin;mixed-solvent;extraction;capsanthin;capsaicin