Changes In Dietary Fiber Content of Barley during Pearling and Cooking

도정 및 가열조리중 보리의 식이섬유 함량변화

  • Lee, Won-Jong (Department of Food Science, Kangnung National University)
  • 이원종 (강릉대학교 식품과학과)
  • Published : 1992.04.01


Three hull-less barleys and three covered barleys grown in Korea were pearled to give 0% and 60% yield, respectively. Whole barleys and pearled barleys were analyzed for total, insoluble, soluble dietary fiber and ${\beta}-glucan$ contents. Whole hull-less barleys contained average 17.1% total dietary fiber, and whole covered barleys contained average 23.9% total dietary fiber. Pearled hull-less barleys contained 9,2% total dietary fiber and 4.8% solule dietary fiber. Pearled covered barleys contained 11.9% total dietary fiber and 6.0% soluble dietary fiber. Whole barleys contained $3.2{\sim}3.9%$ (${\beta}-glucan$, and pearled barleys contained $3.5{\sim}5.4%$ (${\beta}-glucan$. Soluble dietary fiber and (${\beta}-glucan$ contents of barley were not affected by cooking, while insoluble dietary fiber content was increased by cooking.