Comparision of Some Structural Characteristics of Japonica and Tongil Rice Starches and their Fractions

일반계와 통일계 쌀 전분과 분획의 몇가지 구조적 성질 비교

  • Published : 1992.04.01


Some structural characteristics of Japonica and Tongil type rice starches and their fractions were investigated to elucidate the differences between the two rice types. Japonica rice starches showed broader gelatinization temperature ranges and had higher ${\lambda}_{max}$ than those of Tongil ones. Intrinsic viscosity of starch, amylose and amylopectin for Japonica type were lower compared with those of Tongil type. ${\beta}-amylolysis$ limit of rice starch were not different between two rice types, but those of amy_lose and amylopectin of Japonica ty_p_e were lower than Tongil type. The average unit chain length(${\overline}CL$) and average outer chain length(${\overlne}OCL$) of Japonica type amylopectin were shorter than those of Tongil one. Sepharose CL-2B chromatography of hot water soluble starch revealed that each starch had unique elution profile.


amylose;amylopectin;chain length;${\beta}-amylolysis$ limit;intrinsic viscosity;soluble starch;gel chromatography