Production of the Fungal Lipid Containing ${\gamma}-Linolenic$ Acid from Mucor sp. KCTC 8405P

Mucor sp. KCTC 8405P에 의한 ${\gamma}-Linolenic$ Acid 함유 곰팡이 유지의 생산

  • Published : 1992.08.01


Mucor sp. KCTC 8405P was cultivated in a jar fermentor for the production of fungal lipid containing ${\gamma}-linolenic$ acid with feeding the glucose solution periodically. The transition of the fungal growth into the mycelial phase from yeast-like growth was achieved by pH shift after the first two day of cultivation in the low pH medium and then lipid accumulation was accelerated until the seven day of cultivation, when the glucose in the culture broth was almost consumed. With the culture conditions applied in this experiment, biomass of 99.3 g/l by the dry cell weight and the total extractable lipid of 38.0 g containing 3.5 g/l ${\gamma}-linolenic$ acid were obtained.


Mucor sp. KCTC 8405P;fungal lipid;${\gamma}-linolenic$ acid;fed-batch culture