Changes in ${\gamma}-Aminobutyric$ Acid(GABA) and the Main Constituents by a Treatment Conditions and of Anaerobically Treated Green Tea Leaves

혐기처리 녹차의 처리조건에 따른 ${\gamma}-Aminobutyric$ Acid(GABA) 및 주요 성분의 변화

  • 장지신 ((주)태평양화학 기술연구소) ;
  • 이병순 ((주)태평양화학 기술연구소) ;
  • 김영걸 ((주)태평양화학 기술연구소)
  • Published : 1992.08.01


Korean green tea leaves which were harvested three times(May, June, August) were treated with anaerobic conditions and were measured changes of ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid(GABA) and other constituents. In anaerobically treated green tea leaves, the content of ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid(GABA) and alanine increased while glutamic acid decreased. Whereas theanine, arginine, caffeine and tannin showed little change and the content of vitamine C slightly decreased with the passing of the anaerobic treatment time. Formation of GABA, a hypotensive constituents, was proportioned to the content of glutamic acid and the optimum time of the anaerobic treatment was about 12 hours. In the anaerobic treatment of green tea leaves, effect of nitrogen gas and vacuum condition was no difference between two.


green tea;anaerobic treated tea;${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid(GABA);hypotensive constituents