Optimization for the Alcohol Fermentation of Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein(HVP) Soy Sauce by Saccharomyces Rouxii

Saccharomyces rouxii에 의한 아미노산 간장의 알코올 발효

  • Published : 1992.08.01


In order to improve the flavor quality of a soy sauce, hydrolyzed vegetable protein(HVP), it was subjected to ethanol fermentation by Saccharomyces rouxii and the effect of several environmental factors on the alcohol fermentation of S. rouxii in HVP was investigated. The NaCl content of HVP affected significantly on the growth of S. rouxii, showing growth inhibition above the value of 6%(w/v). The growth of S. rouxii was not inhibited by the coloring materials of HVP. The proper initial concentration of glucose for the growth of the yeast was ranged from 15%(w/v) to 25%(w/v). The optimal temperature for the growth and alcohol production was $25^{\circ}C$. The growth increased with the increasing rate of aeration, while alcohol concentration of fermented HVP showed its maximum value of 4.2%(w/v) at the aeration rate of 0.5 vvm.


hydrolyzed vegetable protein;alcohol fermentation;Saccharomyces rouxii;temperature;aeration rate