A Mechanical Model for Texture Changes and Rheological Properties of Radish During Salting

염농도의 확산에 따른 무의 물성학적 특성의 예측 model에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1992.08.01


The amounts of salt diffused into radish after immersing in various concentrations of salt solution at different temperatures were measured and the changes of radish texture by the salt diffusion were estimated with the viscoelastic constants of a 3 element solid model determined by a stress relaxation test. The amount of salt diffused through radish was increased with increasing the salt concentration and soaking temperature. While the instantaneous stress, equilibrium elastic solid content and viscoelastic constants of radish were decreased as salt concentration and soaking temperature increased, the stress relaxed fast. Viscoelastic constants as well as the diffusivity were influenced by salt concentration more than by soaking temperature. The rheological equations for the predictable stress changes of radish after immersed in the salt solution at various conditions (temperature, salt concentration and impure salt) were suggested as a function of time.


radish;salt diffusion;stress relaxation;viscoelastic constant