Effect of Heating Medium and Evaporation Temperatures on Concentration of Garlic Juice

가열 매체 및 증발온도가 마늘즙의 농축에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1992.08.01


Effect of heating medium and evaporation temperatures on a concentration ratio, a evaporation rate and a overall heat transfer coefficient during concentration of garlic juice by a centrifugal thin film evaporator were investigated. At constant feeding rate and evaporation temperature, the concentration ratio, the evaporation rate and the overall heat transfer coefficient increased with the increase of the steam temperature but those values increased slowly or decreased as a steam temperature exceeded $110^{\circ}C$. At the feeding rate of 50 kg/h and the steam temperature of $100^{\circ}C$ and below, those values decreased with the increase of evaporation temperature. But if a steam temperature became $100^{\circ}C$ and up, those values increased slowly and then decreased with the increase of the evaporation temperature until the evaporation temperature reached a critical value. At constant feeding rate, those values increased until the temperature difference between steam and evaporation temperatures became $70^{\circ}C$. But if they become larger than $70^{\circ}C$, those values increased slowly and then decreased.


centrifugal thin film evaporator;garlic juice;concentration;overall heat transfer coefficient