The Isolation of Taurine from the Oyster Shucking Juice Using Ion Exchange Column Chromatography

이온교환크로마토그라피를 이용하여 굴 박신액에서 Taurine의 분리

  • Published : 1992.12.01


The study was attempted to isolate taurine from the oyster shucking juice known as one of the by-products of oyster processing using ion exchange column chromatography. Three hundred grams of the oyster shucking juice were loaded onto a column packed with 300 ml of the Dowex 50W $H^+$ form. And taurine-rich fractions were further purified in columns packed with 150 ml of Dowex 2 OH form and the 150 ml of Amberite IRA-410 OH form consecutively. The purity and the yield of taurine recovered from the oyster shucking juice by this method were 94.7% and 84.8%, respectively.


taurine;isolation;oyster shucking juice;ion exchange column chromatography