Rheological Properties of Hot-Water Extractable Concentrates of Boxthorn (Lycii Fructus) and Mixed Boxthorn

구기자 및 혼합구기자 열수 추출 농축액의 리올로지적 특성

  • Published : 1992.12.01


To improve utilization of boxthorn (Lycii Fructus), the boxthron and mixed boxthron (Lycii Fructus, Schizandrae Fructus, Corni Fructus, Zizyphi Fructus, Zingiberis Rhizoma, Cinnamami Cortex) hot-water extractable concentrates were prepared by vaccum evaporation and its rheological properties were investigated. The rheological properties of concentrates $(20{\sim}50^{\circ}Bx)$ followed power low model and showed a pseudoplastic behavior at the temperature range of $20{\sim}60^{\circ}C$. The apparent viscosity of $20^{\circ}Bx$, $30^{\circ}Bx$, $40^{\circ}Bx$ and $50^{\circ}Bx$ boxthron hot-water extractable concentrate was 0.0074 Pa s, 0.0175 Pa s, 0.0431 Pa s and 0.0988 Pa s, that of mixed boxthorn hot-water extractable concentrate was 0.0099 Pa s, 0.0328 Pa s, 0.0720 Pa s and 0.1940 Pa s at $20^{\circ}C$ and 1500 l/s, respectively. The yield stress of boxthron and mixed boxthron hot-water extractable concentrates ranged from 0.045 to 6.253 Pa and from 0.022 to 8.891 Pa, respectively. The activation energy for the flow of boxthron and mixed boxthorn hot-water extractable concentrates increased from 1.6182 to $2.0543{\times}10^7\;J/kg{\cdot}mol$ and from 1.7057 to $2.1462{\times}10^7\;J/kg{\cdot}mol$ with the concentrations of concentrates, respectively.


boxthron (Lycii Fructus) and mixed boxthorn;hot-water extractable concentrates;rheological properties