Estimation of the Total Dietary Intake of Saccharin by Korean Population

한국인의 삭카린 섭취량 산정

  • Published : 1992.12.01


Out of 74 food samples including pickled radish, soy sauce, Lactobacillus drinks, frozen sweets and snack confections, 60 samples were found to contain saccharin. The contents of sacchrain in terms of maximum and positive mean were 541, 306 ppm in pickled radish, 302, 153 ppm in soy sauce, 66, 37 ppm in Lactobacillus drinks, 90, 51 ppm in frozen sweets and 606, 285 ppm in snack confections, respectively. Most food items did not exceed the tolerance limit of saccharin while 70% of snack confections exceeded the limit, the average concentration being 2.9 times of the limit. Total daily intake of saccharin by Korean population for the period of $1985{\sim}1990$ was estimated to be $7{\sim}17\;mg/person$ from consumption data and $9{\sim}35\;mg/person$ from supply data. The intake level was $11{\sim}22%$ of acceptable daily intake for man (ADI) recommended by FAO/WHO whereas the level was slightly higher than that in USA or Japan. It is. therefore, judged that saccharin at the current pattern of usage will not exhibit any adverse effect on the safety of Korean population.


saccharin;dietary intake;Korean population