Processing of Low Salt Fermented Sauce of Shellfish with Citric Acid Pretreatment

구연산 전처리에 의한 개량조개의 저염젓갈가공

  • Published : 1992.12.01


In order to develop low salt fermented hen clam sauce with high stability, the effects of citric acid pretreatment and fermentation temperature were examined. The VBN contents of surf clam sauce treated with citric acid (SCA) were lower than those of control and the same sauces added alcohol at two temperature conditions ($5^{\circ}C$ and room temperature) during fermentation. The maximum $NH_2-N$ contents of control and SCA during fermentation at $5^{\circ}C$ were 501.3 and $618.4{\sim}691.6\;mg/100g$, respectively, and the pH of those showed $5.61{\sim}6.24$ and $2.43{\sim}3.21$. The total creatine contents of control and SCA, respectively, were $36.8{\sim}27.6\;mg/100g$ ranges. As the time of treatment with citric acid was longer, the degradation of ATP, ADP and AMP in the SCA was faster. In the control, the Ala content was $19.6{\sim}23.02%$ and was highest level among all free amino acids. As fermenting term was longer, among the free amino acids, Ala and Gly were large amounts in control and SCA, respectively, and Gly was slowly increased in SCA during fermentation. As the results of organoleptic test, the tastes of SCA showed good score than control.


low salt fermented sauce;hen clam;citric acid treatment;flavor component;organoleptic test