Stability of Some Fried Foods Prepared with Oils Containing Rhus javanica $Linn{\acute{e}}$ Ethanol Extract with Several Synergists

붉나무 추출물과 몇가지 synergist를 첨가한 기름 튀김 식품의 저장 안정성 비교

  • Published : 1992.12.01


The antioxidative effects of Rhus javanica $Linn{\acute{e}}$ ethanol extract (RE) with or without some synergists were determined by measurement of POV and TBA of oil in ramyun and potato flake fried in palm oil or lard. RE with ascorbic acid and with tocopherol significantly increased the oxidative stability of ramyun. The results obtained from sensory evaluation were similar to those of POV and TBA values. RE with phosphoric acid and with ascorbic acid retarded the oxidation of potato flakes fried in palm oil or lard during storage.


natural antioxidant;Rhus javanica $Linn{\acute{e}}$;ramyun;potato flake;synergist