Storage of Tomatoes by Polyethylene Film Packaging and $CO_2$ Treatment

Polyethylene Film 포장 및 $CO_2$ 처리에 의한 토마토 과실의 저장

  • Published : 1992.12.01


To investigate the effect of polyethylene film packaging and $CO_2$ treatment on tomatoes during storage, the gas composition in film, weight loss, the changes of color, hardness and several components were measured. The concentrations of $CO_2$ and $O_2$ in film were changed rapidly in early stage, but it kept a constant level after 7 days of storage. In 0.06 mm polyethylene film, $CO_2$ and $O_2$ concentration was kept a level of $4{\sim}6%$ respectively. The increase in $C_2H_2$ concentration was delayed in thick and $CO_2$ treated film. The rate of weight loss was 4% in non-packed tomatoes, but it recorded about 1% in 0.06 mm polyethylene film. Titratable acidity, pH and soluble solids were changed slightly, but the obvious differents were not observed according to film thickness and $CO_2$ treatment. The value of tomatoes was increased but L and b values were not changed greatly during storage. These color changes were restricted by 0.06 mm film and $CO_2$ treatment. The firmness and content of ascorbic acid were reduced during storage but it restrained by $CO_2$ treatment and film packaging. Sugar of tomatoes were composed of glucose, fructose and a very small amount of sucrose, and they were changed little during storage.


storage;tomato;PE film;$CO_2$ treatment