A Study on the Effects of Local Factors on the Oral Ulcers Observed in Behcet s Disease

베체트 병의 구강궤양에 대한 국소인자의 영향에 관한 연구

  • Myoung-Chan Kim (Dept. of Oral Diagnosis, The Graduate School, Yonsei University) ;
  • Chong-Youl Kim (Dept. of Oral Diagnosis, The Graduate School, Yonsei University)
  • Published : 1992.12.01


Of the many first-occuring major manifestations of Behcet's disease, the oral ulcer is most frequently observed, shows the highest mean recurrence rate, and the longest mean duration period. A study of the relationship between mechanical irritation buy local factors and the recurrence of oral ulcers was carried out to see if there is a correlation. The subjects chosen for the study were 81 patients who were referred to the Department of Oral Diagnosis at Yonsei University Dental Hospital from the Behcet clinic of Severace Hospital after being diagnosed as Behcet's disease patients. 1. By Shimuzu's classification, possible type was the most numerous with 55.55% ; while suspected type was 19.76% ; incomplete type, 17,28% ; and complete type, 7.41% were observed in that order. The male to female ration was 1 to 1.61, and the average age of onset was 17.63 years. 2. Oral ulcers developed most frequently on the tongue (48.28%), and lip(23.15%), buccal mucosa (20.69%), palate\pharynx(4.43%), and gingiva(3.45%) also showed ulceration. 3. 38.27% of the patients were HSV positive : 27.16% were CRP positive ; 12.34% were ASO positive ; 9.87% were RF positive ; and 3.7% were ANA positive. 4. According to the answers to the survey, fatigue(85.18%) was most frequently associated with Behcet's diseage. Trauma by tooth brushing (22.22%), un specified reasons (20.98%), hard food chewing (12.35%), and irritation by dentition and/or prosthesis (13.58%) were observed in association with Behcet's disease. 23.46% had a history of tonsilitis. 5. Oral ulcers on the anterior part of tongue and buccal mucosa were associated with local irritatants. 6. Oral ulcers on the lip and posterior portion of tongue were not associated with local irritants. Local irritation by dentition and oral ulcer on the anterior part of tongue and buccal mucosa was observed to coexit with one another : in other words, lo9cal factors can act to cause of recurrence of an oral ulcer and to delay the healing process in Behcet's disease. Therefore, elimination of local factors along with systemic therapy must be recommended when treating oral ulcers.