The Quasi 3-D Flow Simulation in injection Molding Using Virtual Pressure Reflection

가상 반사압력을 이용한 사출성형의 준3차원 유동해석

  • Published : 1992.07.01


In order to determine the design parameters and processing conditions in injection molding, it is very important to establish the theoretical model with scientific base. In this study, a two dimensional model has been developed for the purpose and flow simulations of filling process are carried out. The moving boundary transient flow problem along the flat plane is solved efficiently by the Iterative Boundary Pressure Reflection Method which rearranges the impinged melt front along the physical boundary in scientific manner. The two dimensional modeling of filling process is applied to two examples : a three dimensional cover with two screw holes and a two-gated flat cavity with unbalanced runners. The numerical results show good agreement with experimental short shots, especially for the weldline locations and the pressure traces at various locations. They also provide the temperature, clamp force, and velocity field in the mold at different times during filling of cavity.

본 연구에서는 IBPR 방법을 바탕으로 캐비티형상이 동일평면상에 있지 않은 경우에 대한 준3차원 유동해석과 주입기구가 있는 경우에 대한 유동해석을 별도로 수 행하여 실험결과와 비교하였다.해석결과는 실험과 잘 일치하였으며 그를 통해 앞서 개발한 IBRP방법이 보다 일반적인 경우에서의 캐비티 유동해석으로 확장, 응용될 수 있음을 확인할 수 있었다.