A Survey of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Casting Work Environment

일부 주조작업장 공기중 분진 중금속 농도

  • Kim, young-Sik (Miryang National Junior College Dept. of Environmental Protection) ;
  • Kim, Gyu-Kwang (Youngdong Junior College Dept. of Environmental Management) ;
  • Han, Hong (Seoul National University Graduate School of Health)
  • 김영식 (국립밀양전문대학 환경보호과) ;
  • 김규광 (영동전문대학 환경관리과) ;
  • 한홍 (서울대학교 보건대학원)
  • Published : 1992.04.01


A study was performed to measure the heavy metal concentrations of suspended particles in iron castings during February, 1990. The heavy metal concentrations were analyzed using patricles atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results were as fellows 1. The concentrations of suspended paticles by casting process were at furnace 4.19mg/m$^{3}$ at pouring 2.93mg/m$^{3}$ at nonferrous furnace 3.90mg/m$^{3}$, at molding 1.17mg/m$^{3}$, jung ja 2.23mg/m$^{3}$, desanding 5.42mg/m$^{3}$, sand treatment 4.82mg/m$^{3}$, finishing 1,20mg/m$^{3}$. 2. Among the total of 8 iron casting workplaces, the concentrations Fe of furnace was 0.36mg/m$^{3}$, Cu of nonferrous furnace 0.02mg/m$^{3}$, Pb of pouring 0.02mg/m$^{3}$, Cr of desanding 0.01mg/m$^{3}$ and Mn of furnace 0.03mg/m$^{3}$.