Silicate- silicious of Spring Water and Ground Water in Pusan Area

부산 지역 약수 및 지하수의 규산성 규소

  • Published : 1992.04.01


This study was carried out to investigate silicate-silicious in spring water and ground water. Samples were collected from 23 Stations of spring water and 2 Stations of ground water from August 1985 to July 1990 in Pusan area. Range and mean value of silicate-silicious of spring water and ground water were lower 2.12~22.70mg/l, 8.78mg/l, 13.90~19.05mg/l, 16.23mg/l than the criterion for drinking water as 50rng/l. The concentration of silicate-silicious had a great influence on precipitation, therefore it in summer was higher than in winter. The estimated regression line between chloride ion(x) and silicate-silicious(y) of the sampled water was y=19.366-0.604x(r=-0.7111).