Mercury Concentrations in Pregnant Women발s Hair in the Seoul Area

서울시 일부 임산부 모발중의 수은농도에 관한 조사 연구

  • Published : 1992.04.01


Fifty samples of pregnant women's hair during December 1990~April 1991 in the Seoul area were analyzed for mercury. Mean mercury concentrations for pregnant women were 0.65$\mu$g/g and varied from 0.21$\mu$g/g to 2.44$\mu$g/g. The differences were believed to be due to diet, living area, and personal activity. Mean mercury concentrations were significantly different for the group that at twice a week(0.67$\mu$g/g) and once or less a week(0.55$\mu$g/g). Mean mercury concentrations were compared with the THI (Todai Health Index) Scores. The THI results suggested that the higher scores in MENT(Mental irritability) item had the higher mean mercury concentrations. The factors affecting mercury concentrations of pregnant women's hair must be considered further study. However, hair analysis seemed potentially useful in environmental medicine but its use in clinical investigation for basic diagnosis of mercury poisoning.