Studies on Complexation of some Lanthanides with Diaza-18-crown-6-diisopropionic Acid

란탄족(III)족 이온과 Diaza-18-crown-6-diisopropionic Acid의 착화합물에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1992.12.20


An ionizable macrocyclic ligand, diaza-18-crown-6-diisopropionic acid(K22DAP) has been synthesized. Protonation constants of this compound and stability constants with some lanthanides were determined by potentiometric titration method. The protonation constants are log$K_1$ = 9.05, log$K_2$ = 8.37, log$K_3$ = 1.88 and log$K_4$ = 0.99. The logarithmic values of stability constants with La(III), Nd(III), Gd(III) and Lu(III) are 11.14, 11.43, 11.74 and 10.88 respectively. Extraction behavior of Ln(III) ion was investigated using TTA(thenoyltrifluoroacetone) as extractant in the presence of K22DAP as macrocyclic ionophore. It was observed that Ln(K22DAP)TTA is the dominating species in aqueous complexes of La(III) and Nd(III).



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