A Comparative Discussion on the Instructional Procedure and Strategies in Learning Scientific Concepts

과학 개념 학습을 위한 수업 절차와 전략

  • Published : 1992.11.30


In this study, five learning models were compared and discussed in terms of their learning procedures and learning strateies. After a brief introduction of each model, the author discussed the differences and similarities among the five learning models. As a result, Kwon's procedual learning (Kwon, 1989) seemed to encompass almost all the learning models proposed by the other four author. All the models emphasized the importance of cognitive conflict. However, I. K.Kim(1991), Park(1992) and Y.M.Kim(1991) seemed to be concentrated their attention on the cognitive conflict between concepts ; while Hashweh and Kwon emphasized cognitive conflict between cognitive structure and environment. The study also suggested more study on the empirical evidence of the three kinds of the cognitive conflicts proposed by Kwon(1989) and on the development of learning strategies to induce and overcome the cognitive conflicts.