The Specification of Evaluative Objectives and Selection of Behavioral Elements for Measuring Science Inquiry Skills of University Competency Tests

대학(大學) 수학(修學) 용력(龍力) 의험(議驗)의 자연과학(自然科學) 탐구(探究) 능력(能力) 평가(評價)를 위(爲)한 행동(行動) 요소(要素)의 추출(抽出)과 평가(評價) 목표(目標)의 상세화(詳細化) 연구(硏究) II

  • Published : 1992.11.30


The purpose of the study is to specify the evaluative objectives of science process skills and to serve as an evaluative criterion for the development of university competency test. The followings are the results of this study. (l) Five steps as a teaching and learning model of science are suggested for the improvement of science inquiry skills. (2) Three dimensional taxomony was presented to evaluate the science process skills of university competency test. (3) Sixteen behavioral elements were selected from the science process model and defined operationally. (4) 146 evaluative objectives were specified according to each behavioral element based on the results presented above, the science inquiry model and the evaluative objectives wilt be contributed to teaching and learning strategies for the improvement of science process skills including basic concepts and contents, and problematic situation in science.