Response Analysis of the NE213-PSD System for Neutron Energy Spectreum Measurement

중성자 에너지 측정을 위한 NE213-PSD 장치의 감응 분석

  • Lee, Kyung-Ju (Radiation Laboratory, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)
  • 이경주 (한국 표준과학연구원 방사선 연구실)
  • Received : 1992.12.21
  • Published : 1992.12.25


In order to measure the energy spectrum of a radioactive neutron source, the pulse shape discrimination (PSD) system with organic scintillator, NE-213, was characterized by using some of the gamma ray sources and neutron source, Am-Be. The figure of merit of the rise time spectrum of AmBe source measured by this system was about 1.13. This value agrees well with the value of 1.3 which is measured for monoenergetic source, $^{12}C(d,\;n)^{13}N$. The results of present experiment for performance test of NE213-PSD system will provide the useful technique to measure the spectrum of neutron-gamma mixed field and to establish the neutron energy spectrum and flux density standards.


Radioactive neutron source;NE-213;PSD system;Figure of Merit;neutron spectrometer