Iterative Algorithms for General Quasi Complementarity Problems

  • Aslam Noor, Muhammad (Mathematics Department, College of Science, King Saud University) ;
  • Al-Shemas, Eman H. (Mathematics Department, Girls College for Science Education)
  • 발행 : 1992.07.01


In this paper, we consider an iterative algorithm for solving a new class of quasi complementarity problems of finding $u{\epsilon}R^{n}$ such that $g(u){\in}K(u)$, $Tu+A(u){\in}K^{*}(u)$, and < g(u), Tu + A(u) >=0, where T, A and g are continuous mappings from $R^{n}$ into itself and $K^{*}(u)$ is the polar cone of the convex cone K(u) in $R^{n}$. The algorithms considered in this paper are general and unifying ones, which include many existing algorithms as special cases for solving the complementarity problems. We also study the convergence criteria of the general algorithms.